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For SMF Batteries
-1U Height 12.5A FCBC for broadband /2G /3G /4G application
-24V Series
-24V Dual Controller Series
-48V Series
-48V Dual Controller Series
-110V Series
For Ni-Cd Batteries
-24V Dual Controller Series
-48V Dual Controller Series
Class "B" & "C'
SMF VRLA Battery
Flat Plate Battery
Tubular Battery
Lead Acid Battery
Ni-Cd Battery
Automobile Batteries
ISO 9001 certified
 Chargers - Lead Acid Batteries
These Battery chargers have advanced design, smaller size, light weight and are elegant in appearance.
Model No. V A Selectable Current Set Switching Voltage V Max Float Voltage
DYB 1205 12 5 5A Fixed 14.7 13.8
DYB 2405 24 5 5A Fixed 29.4 27.6
DYB 3602 36 2 2A Fixed 44.1 41.4
DYB 2410S 24 10 5/10A 29.4 27.6
DYB 4805S 48 5 2/3/5A 58.8 55.2
DYB 4810S 48 10 1-10A 58.8 55.2
DYB 7210S 72 10 1-10A 88.2 82.8
DYB 19210S 192 10 1-10A 235.0 220
Battery Charger Series Available Voltage/Current Rating
DY 400 Series 48V/8A, 36V/12A, 24V/15A, 12V/30A, 72V/6A
DY 800 Series 48V/15A, 36V/20A, 24V/30A, 12V/60A, 72V/10A
DY 1600 Series 48V/30A, 36V/40A, 24V/60A, 12V/100A, 72V/20A, 96V/15A, 110V/13A


  • Industrial Battery Chargers with Power Factor also available.
  • Short Circuit Protection.
  • Quality Charge will enhance Battery Life and prevent damage to Batteries.
  • Three Stage Charging.
  • Parallel Operation.
  • Over Temperature Protection.

Also available, Dyna Master Model  DY 1616 (16V/16A) 

  • Automobile Battery Charging
  • Industrial Battery Charging

The Battery Charger has salient features of advanced design, smaller size, light weight, firm structure and elegant appearance. It is one of the most advanced charger and has become many battery manufacturer’s first choice.

The new charger’s charging method is automatic three stages transition.  Bulk charge in constant current; equalizer charge in descending current and constant voltage; float charge in trickle current and constant voltage. It has the advantages of charging quickly, efficient charging restoration and never over charging thus ensuring the useful life of batteries.

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Dyna Hitech Power Systems Ltd. is the leading Manufacturer of Chargers-Lead Acid Batteries, Automobile Battery Chargers & Industrial Battery Chargers from Mumbai, India
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