Manufacturer of Electric Drive Systems, 48V Series SMPS Power Plant, from Mumbai, India   Manufacturer of Electric Drive Systems, 48V Series SMPS Power Plant, from Mumbai, India
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INDIA'S Leading manufacturer of Energy Efficient SMPS Power Plants, Industrial Battery Chargers, & DC-DC Converters
For SMF Batteries
-1U Height 12.5A FCBC for broadband /2G /3G /4G application
-24V Series
-24V Dual Controller Series
-48V Series
-48V Dual Controller Series
-110V Series
For Ni-Cd Batteries
-24V Dual Controller Series
-48V Dual Controller Series
Class "B" & "C'
SMF VRLA Battery
Flat Plate Battery
Tubular Battery
Lead Acid Battery
Ni-Cd Battery
Automobile Batteries
ISO 9001 certified
 Telecommunication | IT | General Industries | Automobile Industry | Infrastructure Projects |  Defence & Marine
Electric drive propulsion systems in utility vehicles are experiencing significant growth, due to their lower operating costs, superior performance and reduced environmental impact. As part of a worldwide trend to cleaner transportation vehicles, in some parts of the world only electric drive systems are allowed.

Applications include material handling equipment, people movers, sweeper/scrubbers, golf cars, neighborhood electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

Industry/Applications Suitable Products

Automobiles (2/3/4 wheelers)
Earth moving Equipments

Electric Vehicles
DG Sets

DYP 1205(12V/5A)
DYB 3602 (36V / 2A)
DYB 2405 (24V / 5/A)
DYB 2410S (24V / 5/10A)
DYB 4805S (48V / 2/3/5A)
DYB 4810S (48V / 1-10A)
DYB 7210S (72V / 1-10A)
DYB 19210S (192V / 1-10A)

Custom Built Solutions can be provided for Specific Requirements. Also available Lead Acid Battery Chargers
Dyna range of Battery Chargers are superior to the Conventional Chargers, since Dyna Battery Chargers are designed using high frequency SMPS Technology, which ensures that the Charging Quality is better regulated and controlled which increases the Battery life.

Product Features:

  • Advanced high frequency SMPS design charger with 80% typical efficiency.
  • Small compact units 1/3 in size and 1/3 in weight.

  • Energy Efficient (saves 25% to 30% power)

  • Wide range of AC input (180V 275 VAC).

  • Quick and Accurate charging prolongs Battery Life.

  • Protection provided for Output Reverse Polarity & Output Short Circuit.

  • Helical Potentiometer for current selection as per Battery Capacity. (DYNA MASTER)

  • Highly reliable, just connect & forget.

  • Optional Microprocessor controller.

  • Compact Size, Portable, Safe & User friendly DYNA Master Charger.
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Dyna Hitech Power Systems Ltd. is the leading Manufacturer of Electric Drive Systems, 48V Series SMPS Power Plant, from Mumbai, India
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