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-48V Dual Controller Series
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 Technical Notes | Safety Precautions

Leakage current flows between power supply wires and earth ground within the rated value. In case of the multiple operation, however, the total leakage current will be the sum of the leakage current flows from each power supply.


Rated voltage and current varies depending on a wire. It is necessary to use thick wires, which cover the rated output current of a power supply.


The earth terminal of power supply should be connected to the equipment where power supply is placed as thicker and shorter to protect electric shock or noise interference.


When the unit is operated where water drops into the power supply, it may cause failure. In this case, please arrange waterproofing.


When installing the power supply at a location where vibration or impact is given, please make a certain measure about the vibration or impact.


Keep Power Plant at least one foot away form the wall to ensure proper ventilation. Power supply itself has a lifetime, and this depends on ambient temperature. When operated continuously in long period, an overhaul is recommended.


Ensure that there is at least 25% of the rated load connected, other wise DC ON LED on the FCBC Modules may start flickering.


Ensure that battery is always connected when operating the power plant System on mains supply, to avoid chattering of high voltage disconnect relay.

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